Jason Gallagher

Songwriter • Composer • Producer

Z Nation on Syfy

The Untitled Tom Everett Scott Project

Short comedy by Jay Larson starring Al Madrigal and Rory Scovel

Z Nation on Syfy

Trailer for the short film Glock

Promo video for Sector watches by Tourneau

Promo video for non-profit organization BYMC

Hammer Museum video

Original song from Jason's band Leroy Justice

"Casewatch" law school tutorial, original music by Jason Gallagher

All music by Jason Gallagher, video content for exhibition only.

Boardwalk Empire opening credits

True Detective trailer

Nissan spec commercial

Boardwalk Empire spec promo

Spec theme song for late night talk show

BMW spec commercial

T-Mobile spec commercial

Toyota spec commercial

Chase Commercial Re-Record

"Zenoids" spec show open

"Breaking Bad" spec trailer