Jason is a renaissance man when it comes to writing and recording music..  He has studied guitar since he was a kid, but can create a soundscape with just about anything that makes a sound.  He loves exploring new genres of music, and has written, performed and recorded bluegrass, opera, rock, classical, muzak, folk, western, and mariachi music for television soundtracks.

He spent his formative years as a television and film editor in New York working on feature films, documentaries, and both scripted and unscripted television.

He also spent years as the frontman in a touring rock band from New York City, with songwriting and producing as his focus.  

His two worlds collided when director John Hyams introduced him to the creators of Z Nation on Syfy, and he has been the composer and music supervisor for the all four seasons of the successful series.

Today he writes and produces music for television, film, and comedy content in Los Angeles, and regularly threatens to get on stage to do stand-up himself, but has yet to take the leap.